2021. 10. 29. 12:27

A memorandum of understanding has been signed by Hungary’s industry partners of the V4 Smart Platform

The V4 Smart Platform 2 (V4SP2) project will be implemented with the participation of the former domestic industry partners - OTP Bank Nyrt., MOL Magyar Olaj- és Gázipari Nyrt., i-Cell MobilSoft Zrt., Nemzeti Mobilfizetési Zrt. and SAP Hungary Kft. A significant milestone in the project is the letter of intent for cooperation signed on 21 May 2021.


During the Hungarian V4 presidency held in 2017-2018, Nemzeti Mobilfizetési Zrt. launched a professional dialogue and established collaboration in order to implement the V4 Smart Platform.


The aim of developing the V4 Smart Platform is to implement services that can be jointly introduced in the V4 member states, which are interoperable, and which support the convenience of the population and the development of the digital economy. They include ensuring interoperability between mobility (transport) and tourism services, creating a common, unified electronic and mobile payment infrastructure, providing the new generation of digital services in a harmonized, open model, and providing new market opportunities for companies in the V4 member states.


In order to achieve the set goals, the creation of a professional community was started with the participation of domestic industry partners. As a result of this cooperation, possible cross-border service development proposals have been formulated, and the “White Paper” supporting the development of cross-border digital services has been developed with the involvement of international partners.


In the Hungarian V4 Presidency Program 2021/2022, the V4 Smart Platform 2 project is a continuation of the initiative launched in the previous Presidency Program.


Starting from 1 July 2021, Hungary has been holding the rotating presidency of the Visegrád Cooperation, and the project will be implemented as part of this Presidency Program with the participation of former domestic industry partners (OTP Bank Nyrt., MOL Magyar Olaj- és Gázipari Nyrt., i-Cell MobilSoft Zrt., Nemzeti Mobilfizetési Zrt., SAP Hungary Kft.).


The main objective of the V4SP 2 project is to develop, in cooperation with partners, business, legal and technological models of possible services and to prepare pilot projects to be implemented by linking cross-border services.


Another objective is to develop and prepare complex service value chains that are related to tourism and provide flexible planning, ensure interoperability and innovative digital solutions.


The project also provides an opportunity for the member states of the Visegrád Cooperation to create in certain segments, through digitization, a common, single, interoperable market.