What does mobile payment mean?

Mobile payment is a convenient, fast and secure solution that allows its users to pay for various services (e.g., mobile parking, motorway vignette, Hu-Go toll, etc.) by using your mobile phone.


What are the advantages of mobile payment over cash payment?

We may find ourselves in a number of life situations every day when we do not have enough cash to pay the fee for a particular service. Mobile payment with a smart phone is a unique help in such situations.


What services can I use with mobile payment?

From 1 July 2014, you can buy motorway vignettes throughout Hungary, and, thanks to the National Mobile Payment System, mobile parking and the services of the Hu-Go Mobile Electronic Toll Payment System can also be used.


How can I use the different services with mobile payment?

Our services can be used with any type of mobile phone. If you have a smart phone, we recommend that you find out about the available applications with which you can conveniently use any of our services. Otherwise, you can pay for the various services by making a phone call or sending an SMS. If you want to choose from any of the latter options, please always check the options offered by our Resellers and choose the one that suits you best.


Does it matter which mobile service provider I am a customer of if I want to pay via my mobile phone?

In all cases, our customers using the mobile payment service are obliged to pay the telecommunication, i.e., the convenience fee to their mobile service provider. When making a phone call, sending an SMS or using mobile internet, the data connection related and any other fees must also be paid to your mobile service provider. These costs are not uniform, therefore contact your mobile service provider for more information about the charges you may have to pay.


How much does mobile payment cost?

You can find more information about the fees for the services purchased through the National Mobile Payment System on the www.nemzetimobilfizetes.hu website, in the menus containing the tariffs of the various services.


What does prepayment mean?

Our registered customers can top up their current account in advance with the amount they specify, which they can later use to pay for the mobile payment services we provide.


How can I top up my balance?

We provide the possibility for our registered customers to top up their current account by online bank payment via our website, as well as by bank transfer.


How can I top up my balance by bank transfer?

You can transfer the specified amount to Nemzeti Mobilfizetési Zrt.’s bank account number 10300002-10583641-49020043 held with the MKB Bank, in this case in the transfer notification please indicate only the 9 digits of the current account you wish to top up. Please note that if you choose this type of top-up, your payment will be processed by our system within two business days.


How do I check my balance?

Our customers can receive information about their balance through our telephone customer service, after logging in to their own user account via our website, via smartphone, or by using the free downloadable National Mobile Payment application.